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Life Cycle Assessment
Simulations Engine

This web app, in the context of KYKLOS 4.0 H2020 project, provides a friendly interface to carry out the life cycle assessment and calculate the impact indicator scores, based on static and dynamic data sources

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Life cycle assessment workflow

Production - Use - End-of-life

Identify and quantify the processes involved in producing, using, recycling a unit of product

Store your records in your personal account for future reference and comparisons

Export the calculated impact indicators as data or graphs


The Eco-indicator Calculator shows the environmental impact of a product throughout its life cycle

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Multiple sources

Combine different data sources and pull data dynamically from connected sensors at process level

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Unlimited projects

Create unlimited projects with as many processes per stage are needed to have an assessment of the environmental impact of your product per unit

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Export reports

Export tables and graphs of the Eco-indicator distribution of the analysed product per stage

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Secure API

The calculation models and data are exposed as REST API, secured with JWT to promote connectivity and security

The LCA Simulations Engine is using proprietary datasets. The information, data or any other resource calculated and/or provided by the LCA Simulations Engine is strictly confidential and has to be handled under confidentiality as per your contract with KYKLOS 4.0. You are not entitled to distribute and/or export any information and/or dataset or any portions thereof of the LCA Simulations Engine.

This project received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No 872570